The Falcon-Xchat module.

This modules provides a complete, simple, comfortable and powerful scripting environment for the XChat IRC client.

The module is currently available only in Linux and other Unices where XChat is normally shipped by available distros.

The module should compile out of the box with Falcon version 0.8.10 or following configured for development (devel package installed). A simple "make" on the top dir should create a which links agains the system falcon libraries. However, it should be easy to compile this module also in Windows; just at the moment the make files / build systems are not provided.

Once compiled the module in a shared object (or dll), it should be made available to XChat putting it in the $HOME/.xchat2 subdirectory or in the standard XChat plugin directory (see xhcat documentation).

See the related pages of this module for details about the module usage.

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