21.68Class IFrameAttribs

Class IFrameAttribs from \
align(top|middle|bottom|left|right)" -- center?
Properties inherited from class FrameAttribs
frameborderrequest frame borders? Can be 0 or 1
longdescLink to long description (complements title)
marginheightmargin heights in pixels
marginwidthmargin widths in pixels
namename of frame for targetting -- deprecated in XHTML
noresizeallow users to resize frames? -- boolean value
scrollingShould we have the scrollbar? -- "yes", "no" or "auto"
srcsource of frame content
Properties inherited from class CoreAttribs
CLASSSpecifies a classname for an element. Will be rendered as "class"
dirSpecifies the text direction for the content in an element
idSpecifies a unique id for an element
styleSpecifies a language code for the content in an element
titleSpecifies extra information about an element
Methods inherited from class AttribsBase
toStringrender the attributes



(top|middle|bottom|left|right)" -- center?

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