13QR-Code generator module.

This module exposes two classes (Maker and Image) that are meant to create QR-Code images.

QR-Code is a sort of barcode that can store binary and text information on paper or screen devices, and can be read back with optical devices.

QR-Code is a patent held by Denso wave, but is released free of charge for everyone to use.

A minimal sample program may be:

   import from img.qrcode in qr

   // Generates a QR Code image with a utf-8 encded text
   img = qr.Maker().text("Hello world", qr.ECL.L, "utf-8")

   // Save it as a PNG with 3 pixels per bit and 2 pixels of white border.
   img.savePng("hello.png", 3, 2)

   The library has support for dumping the image directly to an arbitrary stream
   (and so, for example, generating a live document on a web server).

   The code of this library is heavily based on @link "http://fukuchi.org/works/qrencode/index.en.html" "Lib QR Encode".

Contents of this module

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