11.117Class GtkTextTag

A tag that can be applied to text in a GtkTextBuffer

Class GtkTextTag( [name] )
name tag name

You may wish to begin by reading the text widget conceptual overview which gives an overview of all the objects and data types related to the text widget and how they work together.

Tags should be in the GtkTextTagTable for a given GtkTextBuffer before using them with that buffer.

gtk_text_buffer_create_tag() is the best way to create tags. See gtk-demo for numerous examples.

get_priorityGet the tag priority.
set_prioritySets the priority of a GtkTextTag.



Get the tag priority.

ReturnThe tag's priority.


Sets the priority of a GtkTextTag.

GtkTextTag.set_priority( priority )
priority the new priority

Valid priorities are start at 0 and go to one less than gtk_text_tag_table_get_size(). Each tag in a table has a unique priority; setting the priority of one tag shifts the priorities of all the other tags in the table to maintain a unique priority for each tag. Higher priority tags "win" if two tags both set the same text attribute. When adding a tag to a tag table, it will be assigned the highest priority in the table by default; so normally the precedence of a set of tags is the order in which they were added to the table, or created with gtk_text_buffer_create_tag(), which adds the tag to the buffer's table automatically.

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