11.107Class GtkScrollbar

Base class for GtkHScrollbar and GtkVScrollbar

Class GtkScrollbar( orientation, adjustment )
orientation the scrollbar's orientation (GtkOrientation).
adjustment the GtkAdjustment to use, or NULL to create a new adjustment.

The GtkScrollbar widget is the base class for GtkHScrollbar and GtkVScrollbar. It can be used in the same way as these, by setting the "orientation" property appropriately.

The position of the thumb in a scrollbar is controlled by the scroll adjustments. See GtkAdjustment for the fields in an adjustment - for GtkScrollbar, the "value" field represents the position of the scrollbar, which must be between the "lower" field and "upper - page_size." The "page_size" field represents the size of the visible scrollable area. The "step_increment" and "page_increment" fields are used when the user asks to step down (using the small stepper arrows) or page down (using for example the PageDown key).

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