11.90Class GtkObject

The base class of the GTK+ type hierarchy

Class GtkObject

GtkObject is the base class for all widgets, and for a few non-widget objects such as GtkAdjustment. GtkObject predates GObject; non-widgets that derive from GtkObject rather than GObject do so for backward compatibility reasons.

destroyEmits the "destroy" signal.
signal_destroyConnect a VMSlot to the object destroy signal and return it



Emits the "destroy" signal.


Important note: Falcon will internally manage destruction of objects. Use at your own risks.

Emits the "destroy" signal notifying all reference holders that they should release the GtkObject.

The memory for the object itself won't be deleted until its reference count actually drops to 0; gtk_object_destroy() merely asks reference holders to release their references, it does not free the object.


Connect a VMSlot to the object destroy signal and return it


Signals that all holders of a reference to the GtkObject should release the reference that they hold. May result in finalization of the object if all references are released.

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