11.32Class GtkBuildable

Interface for objects that can be built by GtkBuilder

Class GtkBuildable

In order to allow construction from a GtkBuilder UI description, an object class must implement the GtkBuildable interface. The interface includes methods for setting names and properties of objects, parsing custom tags, constructing child objects.

The GtkBuildable interface is implemented by all widgets and many of the non-widget objects that are provided by GTK+. The main user of this interface is GtkBuilder, there should be very little need for applications to call any gtk_buildable_... functions.

get_nameGets the name of the buildable object.
set_nameSets the name of the buildable object.



Gets the name of the buildable object.

Returnthe name set with gtk_buildable_set_name()

GtkBuilder sets the name based on the the GtkBuilder UI definition used to construct the buildable.


Sets the name of the buildable object.

GtkBuildable.set_name( name )
name name to set
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