2.13.14Class Waitable

Base abstract class for synchronization Structures.

Class Waitable

Actually, this class represents the interface exposed by synchronization structures to script. Objects derived from this class can be used in functions and methods in the group Waitings. Usually, the Waitable class is implemented by Structures, but any object providing a mean to be acquired, released and waited for a change in the acquirability state can be derived from this class.

Currently, only the Waitable.release method is exposed to scripts; this means that scripts cannot create their own waitable objects, but only use those provided by this or other modules.

releaseReleases a structure acquired by a waiting function.



Releases a structure acquired by a waiting function.


Unless the nature of the acquired object is known, and that object is known not to require release, every acquired object must be explicitly released after a succesful wait.

See also: Thread.

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