2.9Minimal XML support.

The mxml module is a very simple, fast and powerful XML parser and generator. It's not designed to be DOM compliant; W3C DOM compliancy requires some constraints that slows down the implementation and burden the interface.

In this version, the module has one important limitation: it is not able to self-detect the encoding of the XML document. It must be fed with a stream already instructed to use the proper encoding. Self-detection of document encoding will be added in the next release.

MXML has also two major design limitations: it doesn't handle XML namespaces and it doesn't provide schema validation. This module is meant to be a very simple and slim interface to XML documents, and those features are rarely, if ever, needed in the application domain which this module is aimed to cover.

Note: In case of need, it is possible to set namespaced node name by including ":" in their definition. Just, MXML doesn't provide a separate and specific management of namespaces, while it allows to define and maitnain namespaces at application level.

Apart from this limitations, the support for XML files is complete and features as advanced search patterns, node retrival through XML paths, and comment node management are provided.

To access the functionalities of this module, load it with the instruction

      load mxml

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