2.7.6Class LogChannelSyslog

Logs on the local system logger facility.

Class LogChannelSyslog( identity, facility, level, [format] )
identity Name of the application as known by the logging system.
facility Numeric facility or log type code.
level the log level.
format a format for the log.

This class provides a generic logging interface towards the system logger facility. On POSIX systems, this is represented by "syslog", and generically handled by the SysLog daemon. On MS-Windows systems, messages logged through this channel are sent to the Event Logger.

Identity is the name under which the logging application presents itself to the logging system. This is used by the logging system to sort or specially mark the messages coming from this application.

The facility code is a generic application type, and is used to send more relevant logs to more visible files. Under MS-Windows, the facility code is sent untranslated in the "message category" field of the event logger, and it's application specific. In doubt, it's safe to use 0.

If given, the format parameter is used to configure how each log entry will look once rendered on the final stream. Seel LogChannel.format for a detailed description.

See also: LogChannel.

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