2.7.5Class LogChannelStream

Logs on an open stream.

Class LogChannelStream( stream, level, [format] )
stream the stream where to log.
level the log level.
format a format for the log.

If given, the format parameter is used to configure how each log entry will look once rendered on the final stream. Seel LogChannel.format for a detailed description.

flushAllReads or set the flush all mode.



Reads or set the flush all mode.

LogChannelStream.flushAll( [setting] )
setting True to have the stream flushed at each write.
ReturnThe current status setting.

Stream based channels are usually writing data on buffered streams. The default behavior is that of flushing the buffer as soon as a log line is written. For some tasks where a large amount of log is written, this may be an overkill.

See also: LogChannel.

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