1.6.10Class ParamError

Incongruent paremeter error.

Class ParamError( [code],[description],[extra] ) from \
                 Error( code, description, extra )
code A numeric error code.
description A textual description of the error code.
extra A descriptive message explaining the error conditions.

This error is generated when a function is called with insufficient parameters, or with parameters of the wrong types; this error may also be raised if the function determines the parameters not to be valid for other reasons (i.e. if the function requires not just a string as a parameter, but also a string of a minimum length).

This error usually indicates a problem in the script code. Normally, it is to be considered a runtime error that has to be resolved by fixing an incorrect script, which should pass correct parameter to the functions it calls.

Properties inherited from class Error
boxed Boxed error.
codeError code associated with this error.
description Textual description for the error code of this error.
line Line at which the error happened.
message Arbitrary text used to better explain and define the error conditions.
module Name of the module where the error has been generated.
originString identifying the origin of the error.
pc Program counter of the instruction that raised the error.
subErrors Array of sub-errors.
symbol Symbol name (function or method) where the error has been raised.
systemError If the error was caused by a failure during an OS operation, this this property contains the error code indicating the cause of the failure.
Methods inherited from class Error
getSysErrDescreturns system specific error description.
headingCreates a short textual representation of the error.
toStringCreates a textual representation of the error.
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