1.2.1Class Array

MetaClass for Falcon arrays.

Class Array from \
                 BOM( )

This is the class reflecting the base array classes.

propertiesReturns an array of properties (bindings) in the array.
setPropertySets a binding (as a property) in the array.
Methods inherited from class BOM
__addOverrides binary addition operand.
__callOverrides call operator "self()".
__decOverrides decrement unary prefix operand.
__decpostOverrides decrement unary postfix operand.
__divOverrides binary division operand.
__getIndexOverrides array access operator []
__incOverrides increment unary prefix operand.
__incpostOverrides increment unary postifx operand.
__modOverrides modulo operand.
__mulOverrides binary multiplication operand.
__powOverrides power operand.
__setIndexOverrides array write operator []
__subOverrides binary subtraction operand.
baseClassReturns the class item from which an object has been instantiated.
boundDetermines if an item is bound or not.
classNameReturns the name of the class an instance is instantiated from.
clonePerforms a deep copy of the item.
comparePerforms a lexicographical comparison.
derivedFromChecks if this item has a given parent.
describeReturns the deep contents of an item on a string representation.
isCallableDetermines if an item is callable.
lenRetrieves the length of a collection
metaclassReturns the metaclass associated with this item.
ptrReturns a raw memory pointer out of this data (as an integer).
serializeSerialize the item on a stream for persistent storage.
toStringCoverts the object to string.
typeIdReturns an integer indicating the type of this item.



Returns an array of properties (bindings) in the array.

ReturnAn array with 0 or more strings.

This methods returns all the properties in the given array, which represents the list of array bindings. If the array has no bindings, this method returns an empty array.

The property list includes properties that refer to any kind of data, including functions (that is, methods), but it doesn't include properties in the metaclass of this item (FBOM properties).

The returned list is ordered by UNICODE value of the property names.


Sets a binding (as a property) in the array.

Array.setProperty( propName, value )
propName A string representing the name of a property or a method inside the array.
value The property new value.
AccessError If the property can't be found.

Alters the value of the property in the given array. If the required property is not present, an AccessError is raised.

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