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A fast, easy and powerful programming language
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Falcon is ...

...an Open Source, simple, fast and powerful programming language, easy to learn and to feel comfortable with, and a scripting engine ready to empower mission-critical multithreaded applications.

Falcon provides six integrated programming paradigms: procedural, object oriented, prototype oriented, functional, tabular and message oriented. And you don't have to master all of them; you just need to pick the ingredients you prefer, and let the code follow your inspiration.

Falcon is like...
// our function...
function func( mode, p1, p2 )
   > mode, ": ", p1, ", ", p2

// ... and different ways to call it
func( "Traditional", "one", "two" )

[func, "Fully cached", "one", "two"]()

[func, "Partialy cached", "one" ]("two")

deferred = [func, "Deferred", "one"]

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SunOS Open Source community distro. They help Falcon and many other Open Source projects in moving to the Sun platforms.
Kross scripting framework for KDE. Kross integrates Falcon and other scripting languages into KDE4; they are helping us in developing better bindings for foreign applications.
AuroraUX - Open source Solaris distro that has chosen Falcon as main scripting language.
Appcelerator's Titanium - An application development framework that uses HTML for GUI and scripting engines to manage the application logic.


Status of Alpha 1.0
Posted by jonnymind on 2014-10-28
Latest news on the status of the Alpha release Falcon 1.0 Peregrine.
Last steps for 1.0 alpha
Posted by jonnymind on 2014-02-13
First of brief development notes about the upcoming release. (Cut & paste from IRC talk)
Parallel deep objects
Posted by jonnymind on 2013-02-12
I have performed a successful preliminary test for parallel deep objects (on strings). This makes the upcoming Falcon 1.0 the first scripting language suitable for high performance, low contention parallelism in its class.
Opinions on how to finalize Version 1.0
Posted by jonnymind on 2013-01-21
I have posted this mail to the Google Falcon group, asking for opinion. I repeat it here so that people not having access to the Google group can take a look and provide some feedback directly to the inner committee (you can send a mail by accessing the contacts area).
Falcon and VFF institute
Posted by jonnymind on 2012-04-21
The Falcon programming language has been adopted by the VFF Institute - Marenostrum, an European research on environmental problems.
New engine -- Reflection basics completed
Posted by jonnymind on 2011-12-31
The basics of the syntactic tree (Falcon source code as interpreted by the parser) reflection are now in the repository.
New engine -- development status
Posted by jonnymind on 2011-08-17
We have just completed a brand new Try/catch/finally block; it's now time for a little resort of the project and organization of the effort to release 1.0
A new article on the Organic VM.
Posted by jonnymind on 2011-08-04
In this article I briefly describe the hotspots of the new Organic Virtual Machine we're preparing for release 1.0 -- in depth.

Have a nice read! :-)
Streaming news on the new engine development
Posted by jonnymind on 2011-07-13
While we're trying to set up a native streaming news service, we're updating the situation via Twitter and via the developer's personal blogs.

Anyone interested can follow us searching #falconpl on Twitter.
More news on the new engine
Posted by jonnymind on 2011-06-05
The basic constructs for OOP have been introduced in the new engine. Find out the latest details on the hard-core development of the new Falcon Engine clicking "more".

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