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XChat plugin

Falcon scripting language plugin for XChat.

Project outline

Project documentation: online.

Development trunk at: http://git.falconpl.org/cgit.cgi/fxchat/

Detailed description

This plugin provides a powerful and simple to use scripting environment for XChat, a well known IRC client for various platform.

Currently, the plugin has been compiled and tested only under Linux.


FXchat finally on Falcon 0.9
Posted by jonnymind on 2009-08-27
The FXChat plugin is now working under Falcon Eagle (0.9.4). The rest is practically unchanged.
Falmarok script released
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-12-22
We're starting to create some scripts that can be used with FXchat both as samples and as utilities. Falmarok is an Amarok interface for XChat written in Falcon.
FXchat 0.9.6 released
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-11-30
This release is mainly meant to comply with the new launch() semantics of Falcon 0.8.14. Please, if upgrading to Vulture, get the latest download from the download section.
Falcon XChat 0.9.4 released
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-11-24
We have updated F-Xchat to latest Falcon release.
Falcon XChat 0.9.2 released
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-06-17
We have just made a first official release of the plugin, with faldoc documentation. The release has the source code and binary .so file for recent Linux-es. We'll eventually provide more binaries in the next days.

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