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Dynamic Library Binder

Module loading foreign symbols in third party shared objects or DLL, and providing safe call interface to them.

Project outline

Project documentation: online.

Development trunk at: svn://falconpl.org/falcon/modules/dynlib

Detailed description

For how fast the Falcon project can become in creating bindings for third party libraries, there will always be some uncovered areas that some user may need to deal with.

This library is meant to provide a minimal integration with any external C library that can be dynamically loaded and used. The idea behind this is to provide a residual method that doesn't substitute a full binding, which takes care of variable scoping and may provide some Falcon-related concept that better fits some proxy paradigm used by the foreign libraries (i.e. structures-as-objects into full Falcon objects), but that can still serve as a vital support for needed features unavailable otherwise.


Finally, Dynlib is back on-line
Posted by jonnymind on 2009-11-07
Dynlib is now back operational, currently working on intel x86 32 bit processors, and being ported to all the supported architectures.
Releasing version 0.9
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-11-10
To provide a consistent preview and allow simpler testing and error reporting, we're issuing version 0.9 of the module.

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