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Development projects

This section homes projects based on Falcon or related to Falcon, and developed by our community members.

  • Falcon binding generator: Automatic tool that takes a definition of external libraries created with cpptoxml and automatically creates the binding module.
  • Falcon Nest: Service - plugin oriented web application framework.
  • Falcon Source docs parser: Generates documentation extracting it from comments in native and binary files.
  • Jigsaw Web Application Fwk: Jigsaw Web Application Framework Allows developers to create dynamic applications without having to write them completely from scratch.
  • Micro Wiki: This is a very essential library-oriented wiki facility for dynamic Falcon Site.
  • Small IRC bot: This is a small IRC bot/majordomo that we plan to use in our IRC channel.
  • Support for common editors: Common editors are good, but when they support your favorite language are better.
  • The Evolution Game: An... evolution of The Game of Life.
  • Titanium Integration module: This is the official Falcon module for Titanium development system, from Appcelerator Inc.
  • WOPI: Falcon Web Oriented Programming Interface.
  • XChat plugin: Falcon scripting language plugin for XChat.

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